Found. Curated. Edited.

Our Purpose

To present creative communities from Northeast India to the world.

A part gallery space, part cultural journal, part creative collective. We are committed to sharing the beauty and creativity from this underrepresented region of India in ways that inspire, and reflect the culture of the emerging Northeast.


Brand Commitment 

We bring unique objects lovingly made out of precious natural resources and in the fullness of time.


We present artists, makers and storytellers who you would ordinarily not encounter, as they are not part of any corporation, and they live and work in remote, hard to reach areas.


We are here to create true wealth, not just profit. We want people to be able to work at their own pace, at their own scale and yet make a decent living to continue their practice, create beauty, and bring it to you.

Partnership Commitment 

We work at the makers' pace. We stay true to their story and tell it in compelling ways. We place each maker, their work, and their brand in spaces that matter. We provide our partners with insight and inspiration from consumers and emerging trends.


We are committed to creating true wealth, not just profit for our artists and makers.

Meet the team

Priti Rao (1).jpg

Priti Rao, Co-Founder

Priti spent her early years in the Indian Himalayas working with local communities there to enhance their livelihood and create a sustainable business. She followed this with a Masters in Public Policy at Sussex and a Design PhD from Northumbria, after which she went on to work at one of the world’s leading design and innovation consulting firm IDEO in San Francisco. 


Presently she is a Senior Advisor at the impact advisory firm Dalberg working at the cross-section of public policy and design. Throughout, she has been interested in creating a community of practitioners of art, design and craft. She also co-hosted the San Francisco MAD Salon chapter. Her permanent project includes conceptualising and building an art residency in the Himalayas.

Samya copy.jpg

Samya Deb, Co-Founder

Samya was born into a publishing family in Calcutta, but his career as one of Asia’s most established creative leaders has never been by the book. Samya brings over a decade’s experience in leading large global creative studios with a passion for design and content excellence. Most recently, he has established and ran Airbnb’s in-house Brand Creative studios in Singapore and Shanghai. Samya worked globally with the finest creative collaborators to launch an unprecedented stream of brand campaigns that were globally iconic, while being locally nuanced. He has created numerous content franchises that effectively showcased the human stories of diverse communities.

Samya worked and lived in many different countries including India, Vietnam, China and Singapore.