Found: Hidden treasure overlooking the Sung valley

Overlooking the Sung valley in Meghalaya, lay a once beautiful kingdom of the Malngiang clan. In his book ‘Ki Khanatang U Barim 1972’, H. Elias took this kingdom to be one of the most famous and powerful of the time.

Today the hills lay mostly in ruins and covered with vegetation. However, it is suspected to be one of the earliest markets of the Khasis ‘Ka Law Dai Ja’. The hill side is filled with megaliths of different shapes and sizes, each having its own story to tell. Mystery surrounds the area of the ruins but the folklores speak of its illustrious past.

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Research courtesy: Naphi Lyngdoh


Found highlights places, people and objects of the Northeast that are unfamiliar, fresh and 'discovered' spontaneously. These are presented in their purest form, with minimal intervention by us.